Ivory Road or how dreams come true.

We feel that the choice of a particular name seals a person’s fate. Therefore, we deliberately selected our name, our face to the world.

Nuances of ivory colour have always been associated with nobility and style.

Looking back into the history of Japan might give us an idea of how powerful ivory was in its influence over human destiny. The ancient Japanese believed miniature ivory sculptures, called netsuke, to be a symbol of well-being, success, love and wealth.

 Colour psychology defines ivory colour as a symbol of balance, harmony, elegance, pleasure and seduction.

In the field of fashion, ivory colour has been promoted by Jacqueline Kennedy, who was the first to wear clothes in that particular colour. Owing to her own outstanding appearance, Jacqueline Kennedy became a fashion icon in no time back then. Her style has remained a synonym of pure class and elegance ever since.

Before long the ivory colour has become a basic colour for wedding industry. Cymbeline company was the first to introduce ivory colour in the production of wedding designs and thus they established the basics of contemporary fashion trends.

We feel proud of our name because we believe we have found the common ground of history, ancient philosophy, modern psychology and the latest fashion trends!

Atelier Ivoire – Designed with love!