Atelier Ivoire has been seeking to meet the standards of prospective brides since 2013.

Resting on our prior experience we tend to favor exclusively the most dazzling wedding dresses and gowns of superb shapes, created by gifted designers from all over the world.

So far we have been appointed authorized retailers by three of the most renowned brands in this class of clothing, such as Crystal Design, Elena Vasylkova, and Ida Torez.

We aim to provide our customers with pleasant, uplifting, and impressive service.

You can try out bridal gowns for free

Appointments at the Atelier Ivoire are complimentary. Besides, the number of dresses and gowns you might decide to test is not limited.

Any alterations (tailoring or hemming) necessary are included in the prices of the products we offer

In order to achieve the perfect fit for you, there might arise needs for alterations of your desired garment. Professional tailors at the house should perform any specific modifications.

Storing your dress for free

We can gladly provide a wedding dress storage service for you. We can oversee the preservation of your dress even until the date of your big day.



We are Neda and Stella. It was our interest in wedding garments that connected us ten years ago and to this day we have never abandoned our affection towards them. We perceive what we do as our calling rather than working for a living. We love our job and take pride in it.